Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating – Eating For Real

The pervasive truth about women and food:

For over twenty years now, I’ve helped women and teen girls from all over the world. They have come from different ethnicities and religious or spiritual faiths, and they have been rich, middle-class or poor; old, middle-aged and young. Some have had good family relationships, okay family relationships or terrible family relationships. Many experienced abuse as a child and or didn’t experience abuse as a child.  And, no matter what issue it was that brought them in to see me, at some point the inevitable relationship with food, beauty, and body image arose and demanded to be addressed, untangled, deciphered, and decoded – hopefully, once and for all.

For many women the relationship with food is profoundly multidimensional and linked to just about every aspect of life, especially the internal relationship with desire, peace, pleasure, possibility, change, excitement, aliveness, transcendence and love.

What is Eating for real?

Eating for real is about completely and compassionately undoing our connections and projections on food and the eating processes.

Participants will be continuously supported in decoding and deciphering the secret meanings behind our attachment to food and eating. It does not matter if you feel overweight, just right or too skinny. It is not about weight, but more the relationship with food and how you “weigh” your relationship in your mind, heart, and instincts, with what you put into your body, at every turn and step and moment of your day and night.

Program Details & Format

The Mindful Eating – Eating For Real Group brings women together who long for liberation from the complex and challenging food-eating relationship matrix. Each woman will have a chance to share her unique journey with the group in an atmosphere of safety and openness.

We’ll utilize many awakening and embodiment tools including meditation, yoga, visualization, mindfulness eating exercises, eating a meal together and being in conversation while it’s unfolding. In the process we’ll discover what’s real, natural and true, allowing an acceptance for ourselves and an awakened and restored relationship to the function of food: to nourish our bodies and minds, and keep us alive and vital.

Schedule and Group Information:

Enrollment is ongoing, but limited to eight (8) participants.

We meet on Thursdays, from 4:30 pm to 6:00  pm. Participants are urged to bring dinner with them.

An 8-week commitment is required. The cost is $50/person/session to be paid in-full, prior to the first meeting unless arrangements are made in advance.

Receipts are gladly given for insurance and/or HSA or FSA reimbursements.

Location:  155A Kentucky Street, Suite No. 6, Petaluma, CA 94952

To schedule your no cost pre group interview please email.

Recommended Reading

Women, Food, and God, by Geneen Roth

A Course in Weight Loss, by Marianne Williamson

Addiction to Perfection, by Marion Woodman