Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy Loss Support Group

This ongoing eight week group will focus on providing a safe and nurturing space for all and is open to women and men, single or paired, who have experienced and are coping with the loss of a child due to miscarriage in any trimester, abortion in any trimester, planned or spontaneous, due to rape, or by choice for any other reason, or stillbirth.

We live in a culture that is emotionally ill equipped to begin to process and receive support for the intensity of feelings and thoughts that losing a child during pregnancy can bring forward.  These huge feelings, like a surging tidal wave, pound down upon the shores of our hearts and souls, while still having to continue through everyday life, relate to family, work, and friends, and should not have to be processed or dealt with alone.

Losing a child under any circumstances is nothing short of a profound and often life changing journey. It often seems that no parts of our lives are untouched and we are not the same people once we have gone through the process.  Others, even close friends and family may not understand how deep it is and what it is we are going through.  Our bodies are also dealing with massive hormonal adjustments and radical shifts.  There is hope and support available for exactly these experiences.

This is a group for all who have experienced such a profound loss and who would like a safe place to explore the many deep human aspects of loss during pregnancy.  In a confidential nurturing environment, participants can share with others who are like them and receive understanding, support, and ally-ship in the healing process.

Participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences of loss, grief, sadness and despair, while receiving support from other members.  Group members often develop strong bonds with each other because the vulnerability of coming through such an experience is so transparent, and this support provides a sense of deep ally-ship in the recovery process, inspiring hope, laughter, which helps integrate on the journey forward.

Topics explored include: self care, loss, grief, and sadness, spirituality, self blame, nourishment, retreat, and support, answering why, relationship, talking with friends and family, and others as needed.

The group will address:

– Feelings connected to loss; isolation, sadness, depression, despair, grief, shock, depression anger and many others that arise during this journey.

– Understanding the biological changes that happen after losing a child that affect the mood, emotions, mind, body, and spirit.

– Honoring the child that was present before the loss, and ways to honor them in the future if desired.

– Processing fears, anxieties, and other concerns about future pregnancies.

– Unraveling any spiritual meaning or gifts from the experience of loss, and integrating them into each person’s unique spiritual path or orientation.

Schedule and Group Information:

Enrollment is ongoing, but limited to six (6) participants.

The group will meet on Thursdays from 10:15 AM to 11:30 AM.

An 8-week commitment is required. The cost is $55/person/session to be paid in-full, prior to the first meeting unless arrangements are made in advance.

Receipts are gladly given for insurance and/or HSA or FSA reimbursements.

Location:  155A Kentucky Street, Suite No. 6, Petaluma, CA 94952

To schedule your no-cost pre-group interview please email.