Women’s Circle

Women’s Sacred Circle – Group

The Women’s Circle was birthed through the Women’s Waking Up Retreat Weekend program. Six to eight women came together after the weekend to continue to deepen and develop the sacred awakening themes born during the retreat. The first year program piloted seven years ago, launched a group of seven amazing women into a journey of camaraderie, support, deep transformations, resting on a circular field within the group of compassion, awareness, presence, creativity, personal sharing, allowing, group exercises, ritual, ceremony, self-inquiry, meditation and more.  They have met monthly for all this time. A second group of women farther along the journey of life have joined together. The deepening, growth and awakenings are profound, tender, deep, and catalyzing forward in all areas of life.

This open circle is a wonderful opportunity for women from all walks of life to come together on a shared journey and authentically open, share, relate and deepen their own inner work and life’s work.  In a safe environment, there are many opportunities to deepen compassion, expand awareness, work on one’s own issues and deepen one’s meditation or spiritual practice in an atmosphere of heartfulness and relaxed camaraderie.  This unfolds via a thoughtfully and carefully constructed sequence of personal sharing, group exercises, self-inquiry, creative processes, and other enriching practices. We come together to open to ourselves fully, with full support from other women, and this allows changes to occur and relationships within the group to deepen as well, all of which serve to act as catalysts toward deep transformations in all areas of life.

As new groups continue to evolve and grow, the community of Waking Women deepens and converges with each other to form lasting profound connections with each other and in their communities, through expanding mindfulness, awakening intentions and experiences, respecting and unraveling the feminine, and opening to new horizons, opportunities and connections with all of life. It is a very exciting period to watch the formation of this community and the bond of creative energies unfold.

Schedule and Group Information:

Enrollment is ongoing, but limited to seven (7) participants.

Women’s Sacred Circle meets on Saturday mornings (usually the last Saturday of the month), from 9:30 AM to 12:30 pm  , on these dates:

A 6-month commitment is required. The cost is $55-$65  per person sliding scale/session to be paid in-full, prior to the first meeting unless arrangements are made in advance. Please pay more if you can, so that I can offer lower fee slots to those who are challenged.

Receipts are gladly given for insurance and/or HSA or FSA reimbursements.

Location:  155A Kentucky Street, Suite No. 6, Petaluma, CA 94952

To schedule your no cost pre group interview, please email.

What it’s like to participate in the Women’s Circle

“It’s been 9 months since the Women’s Waking Up Retreat and I am still basking in the restorative and healing effects of the power of the feminine. Being in the presence of some amazing women who all shared the same vision, enthusiasm and openness to also explore, was nothing less than transformative. The gentle flow of the weekend and the beautiful location were just what I needed to escape the busy working-mother pace I was so used to. Joanna so carefully and thoughtfully weaved a myriad of activities, rituals and ceremonies that drew me in, mesmerized me and challenged me to tap into parts of myself that had been left dusty, dormant and undiscovered. I left the retreat with more aliveness, more self-awareness and a greater sense of motivation that is still being fueled by these wonderful women! Joanna has such a gift for showing us how to listen to the voice within, how to see with a new perspective, and most importantly she encourages us to accept and love ourselves for who we are — just as we are. I feel so blessed to be a part of this journey of waking women.” —L.P. Corte Madera